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Streichkappen Monnboots Max

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Maximaler Schutz, minimales Gewicht Aufprallzonen mit D3O-Stoßdämpfung* Belüftungssystem... mehr
Produktinformationen "Streichkappen Monnboots Max"
  • Maximaler Schutz, minimales Gewicht
  • Aufprallzonen mit D3O-Stoßdämpfung*
  • Belüftungssystem für eine optimale kühlende Leistung
  • Einzigartiger Verschluss mit Klett für perfekten Sitz und einfaches Anlegen
  • Maschinenwaschbar bei 30° (kein Trockner)

The Moonboots Max are a larger, but still very light version of the Moonboots that go around the entire area of ​​the fetlock, but are open at the front and have a double velcro closure. They protect the rear fetlock joints from abrasions when jumping.

The Moonboots Max, with their intelligent D3O molecules * in the impact zones, provide excellent, yet lightweight protection. Anatomically shaped to provide a comfortable and stable fit , the hardened shell is made of extremely lightweight yet sturdy TPU that provides protection from shocks. It features ventilation holes and perforated Neoprene lining to prevent the legs from overheating.

They were developed together with leading international show jumpers, because the market was still missing something. The gait is longer, which leads to more action of the hind legs in the jump navel blue, but at the same time does not disturb the natural balance.

Easy to handle, but also easy to care for, because the gaiters can be washed at 30 ° C (no dryer) and maintain their shiny look when cared for with our gaiters cleaner.

* D3O shock-absorbing molecules are a lightweight, intelligent material that solidifies when exposed to external forces and disperses the impact energy before it returns to its former, pliable form. Tests in the lab have shown that the gaiters absorb external impact 50% better than any other gaiter currently on the market. Even an impact that is so violent that it could break a human bone can be cushioned.

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